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A week in the life…

5 Feb

So, clearly I’m not very good at this ‘Post a Week’ thing, so maybe I should rename it ‘Post a Month’? 😛

I had a pretty busy one at work this past week, and have done for the past month or so, and I mean really busy. Y’know one of those weeks where you literally don’t have a brief second to stop.

This week we have had four projects in/out of test, with one getting submitted to Apple and another going ‘Gold’ next Wednesday. QA has been hiring too, so, for the last few weeks I have been interviewing and this week our two choices started. They have only been there for a couple of days but already seemed to have picked up the basics. I’m training them, so they have every good chance of being awesome…because I’m awesome! 🙂

Sometime soon I’ll cut y’all in on the finer points of QA, maybe split it up over a few blogs because it’s lengthy and complicated and I don’t want to bore you all to sleep!