A week in the life…

5 Feb

So, clearly I’m not very good at this ‘Post a Week’ thing, so maybe I should rename it ‘Post a Month’? 😛

I had a pretty busy one at work this past week, and have done for the past month or so, and I mean really busy. Y’know one of those weeks where you literally don’t have a brief second to stop.

This week we have had four projects in/out of test, with one getting submitted to Apple and another going ‘Gold’ next Wednesday. QA has been hiring too, so, for the last few weeks I have been interviewing and this week our two choices started. They have only been there for a couple of days but already seemed to have picked up the basics. I’m training them, so they have every good chance of being awesome…because I’m awesome! 🙂

Sometime soon I’ll cut y’all in on the finer points of QA, maybe split it up over a few blogs because it’s lengthy and complicated and I don’t want to bore you all to sleep!


…and on the 7th day, Darren updated his blog!

9 Jan

So, apparently WordPress are making a big push for people to update their blogs more often (which, if you think about it, makes sense, as then they have a better chance of making mad coin). They are doing two drives; one entitled ‘postaday2011’ and the other ‘postaweek2011’. As much as I’d love to dedicate the time to doing a ‘post a day’, that’s not happening – so ‘post a week’ it is! 🙂

I’m going to attempt to keep each post focused on one particular happening, event or subject, so fingers crossed. Please feel free to comment on my stuff to inflate my ego to the size of a large monkey! 🙂

…forgive me interwebs, for I have sinned

9 Jan

Dear Interwebs,

I know I haven’t been around much recently. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy! I’ve been working a lot, finishing off a major project at work. It’s not you, it’s me. I promise, things will change. I will change. I promise to post more on here and lend you my musings. You know I love you, and not just for your great abundance of porn!


Darren T. Bennett

Hello Interwebs!

19 Feb

How very exciting!

This is my very first website!

Please, feel free to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and bask in all that is ME! 😛 I hope/plan/intend to post here in as regular fashion as is possible with my musings on video games and design and whatnot.

If you take a look at my ‘About Me’ section, you will learn that I am a Video Games Designer/Tester in Ontario Canada. Now, obviously I wont be giving out specifics on games I am working on (so don’t ask!), but I will throw up questions/ideas about general game design, as this is one of my core passions.

Enjoy 😉